About Us
Carmel Jyothi Trust

We are Carmelites, a religious order in the Catholic tradition which has a glorious history of 800 years. We are present in 36 different countries across the globe. Our teaching mission and excellence is second to none. For us teaching is a vocation and we have been a success in the US, UK, Germany, Ireland and Italy. Since 1987 we have been in Bangalore and now we find that time has come for us to do something uniquely for the people whom we are called to serve. Carmel Academy Bangalore is our long cherished dream which we do believe can contribute to the integral and innovative development of the children we hope to educate at our institute.


‘NIL SATIS NISI OPTIMUM’, ‘nothing but the best is good enough’, is our motto. Following the example of Jesus Christ and the charism of the Carmelite Order we aim to form a learning community that can face the challenges of the modern world. Our mission is to motivate, challenge and change our students for the better. We motivate our students by developing a curiosity for the world in its complexities and values, with scientific and mathematics proficiency, critical thinking and judgment, moral sensitivity, enabling them to express him/her self with confidence and skill. We challenge our students and educate them by developing skills and imparting knowledge consistent with the highest standards and the most effective methodologies. We change our students helping them to become intellectually competent, emotionally balanced, spiritually mature, physically healthy, socially and psychologically integrated with a strong sense of justice, peace and truth. We are a Catholic institution rooted in Christian values but open to all, irrespective of religion, caste or community, paying respect to their religious feelings and freedom of conscience.

Our Values:

Faith in God

Academic Excellence without compromise

Love for Justice and Peace

Nurturing the Whole Person

Mutual Love and Respect


Carmel Jyothi is a study house of Carmelite (O. Carm) fathers that has been in Bangalore since 1987. It is situated on Bannerghatta Road between Kalena Agrahara and Gottigere opposite Himagiri Meadows. The campus with three and half acres of land is maintained as a garden filled with fruit trees and flowers that has direct access from the main road. Carmel Academy is an initiative of Carmelite fathers managed by Carmel Jyoti Trust.

Carmel Jyoti Trust headed by Carmelite fathers has contributed significantly to the overall development of the spiritual, social and educational needs of the local community and taken Carmel Academy as its new venture.