Facilities provided at the school
images/fac1.jpgTransportation services at Carmel Academy support the safety of our students ensuring buses are staffed by dedicated and skilled drivers who maintain student safety as their top priority. The drivers are given instructions to comply with the rules and regulations of the state and to ensure safety of our students, fellow drivers and the community. Each bus is also accompanied by one support staff to assist the children in the event of a medical emergency. The bus routes and pick up/drop timings are determined in accordance with the distance from the school to the respective destination.
Play station
images/fac2.jpgA play area with recreational equipment such as see-saw, swings, monkey bars and mazes are provided at Carmel Academy for the tiny tots to develop their physical coordination, strength and flexibility, as well as provide recreation and enjoyment in a safe environment.
images/fac4.jpgThe school aspires to maintain a well-equipped library full of books. It already has a collection of books with fiction and non-fiction books, magazines, newspapers, encyclopaedias and other reference books. The library is open throughout the day to meets the needs of the students in order to help them complete their homework and other projects and assignments during breaks and after school.

Computer Lab
images/comp_lab.jpgWhen a school report requires a typed document, it is important to ensure that it can be read and well organized. Hence, a computer lab is very essential in every school, to ensure that every student is given an opportunity to access the web and have collaborative project based learning in the lab. At Carmel Academy, the computer lab is well equipped allowing every student an opportunity to work on his/her computer independently.
Science Lab
images/fac5.jpgLabs are essential for students to experiment what they read in their textbooks and study in their classrooms. Students can and should learn science by conducting laboratory investigations. Carmel Academy provides state-of-the-art facilities in its laboratories to enable students to perform experiments in order to answer questions by testing a hypothesis.
Extra-curricular activities: Karate, Skating, Dance & Music (Keyboard)
Sports improve physical ability and skills governed by a set of rules to ensure fair competition. Carmel academy has a spacious campus with a cricket pitch, basketball court and expert coaches for coaching in Skating, Karate etc. The Sports day conducted annually is another event at the school where the talents of the children are unveiled to bring out the spirit of sportsmanship.

Music is a form of art which may be played, heard live or be a part of a dramatic work or film and forms a very important part in the lives of people in many cultures. Dance, another form of art may be used as a form of emotional expression of an idea or a story, social interaction, exercise etc by the movement of the body to a rhythm. Professionals in the field of Music and Dance are appointed at Carmel Academy to enable the students to showcase their talents through a suitable forum thereby helping in holistic development of the students.