We, the Carmelite Fathers who run Carmel Academy, have a long history in the field of education. Carmelites, a religious order in the Catholic tradition, have a glorious history of 800 years.

Much has developed and changed in these 800 years in the life of our Carmelite brotherhood but the common thread that has always distinguished the Carmelite way is that our lives are defined by prayer, community and apostolic works. It is a balanced way of life that leads you closer to Christ while in service to His Church.

We are present in 36 different countries across the globe. Our teaching mission and excellence is second to none. For us, teaching is a vocation and we have been a success in the US, UK, Germany, Ireland and Italy. Since 1987, we have been in Bangalore and now, we see that time has come for us to do something uniquely for the people whom we are called to serve. Carmel Academy, Bangalore, is our long cherished dream which we do believe can contribute to the integral and innovative development of the children we hope to educate at our institute.