School Prospectus

Welcome to Carmel Academy School !!
Dear parents,
It is important that you make the right choice when you have to look for the right kind of a school for your precious child.
This brochure should give you a bird’s eye view of how our school works and what we have to offer.

Our Mission Statement clearly states what we offer and what we want our children to be.

‘NIL SATIS NISI OPTIMUM’ which means ‘nothing but the best is good enough’, is our motto. Following the example of Jesus Christ and the charism of the Carmelite Order, we aim to form a learning community that can face the challenges of the modern world.

Our mission is to motivate, challenge and change our students for the better. We motivate our students by imbuing them with multiple skills and strengthening their values, empowering them with the ability to express themselves with confidence and conviction, nurturing the scientific temperament and mathematical proficiency, inculcating critical thinking and judgment and cultivating moral and cultural sensitivity in them. We challenge our students and educate them by developing their skills and imparting knowledge with the highest standards and the most effective methodologies consistently. We transform and change our students by helping them to become intellectually competent, emotionally balanced, spiritually mature, physically healthy, socially and psychologically integrated with a strong sense of justice, peace and truth. We are a Catholic institution rooted in Christian values but open to all, irrespective of religion, caste or community, giving respect to their religious feelings and freedom of conscience.

The school has both pre-primary and primary divisions. Primary School follows ICSE Syllabus and is affiliated to the council (KA 288).

At the pre-primary level, the school has two streams of education such as Kindergarten and Montessori. Though both the streams have different styles with which they groom the children, the goal is to make each child independent and confident. At the primary level, we have classes from grade one to grade nine.

Our school provides a happy, comfortable and safe environment to all its children. Parents and visitors who come to our school compliment on how friendly, joyous and respectful our children appear. The school is growing in size and strength with its children from various religions, different cultural backgrounds and speaking in many different languages. We respect this diversity.

Our staff members are well qualified and carefully selected as per the requirement.

We celebrate socially accepted moral values, encourage the children to be proud of one’s own values and respect those of other religious and cultural groups.

The curriculum in the school is well planned with equal priority to develop high standards of literacy and numeracy.

Functioning of the school is supported by a good team of administrative, teaching and support staff along with a good parental involvement of our surrounding community.

The School has blended well both the scholastic and the co-scholastic areas and has different committees and activities to nurture the latent talent of all its students.

The transition from the pre-primary to the lower-primary being very crucial, we do hold the hands of the children to make their transition easy and smooth.

The transition from upper-primary to lower-secondary/ high school can be tough and challenging. Hence, we create a friendly environment with many exciting opportunities to make the students feel ‘wanted with a sense of belonging’.

Before the school reopens, we have an orientation programme for the parents of all the levels.

On the first day of the school, children have an induction programme to make them aware what they can expect from the school.

During the scholastic days, students participate in many intra-school and inter-school competitions, study tours, nature walk, community service, aptitude tests, in-house sports, inter-school sports competitions and in enrichment programmes to develop their skills.

We invite parents to meet the respective class teachers and the subject teachers to have an open discussion on a well planned and scheduled day in order to make the parents aware of the their children’s progress.

We encourage children to respect and participate in the cultural activities of different festivals with equal fervor.

We have a dedicated day for the Mass-drill and for all the co-scholastic activities like Karate, Abacus, Keyboard, Skating and Cricket. Music and Dance are compulsory for all the children during the five days of their school time-table.

Assessments are done in two terms with unit-tests and class-tests. Hands-on practical sessions in the labs are integral part of the higher grade students.

Remedial sessions are conducted on Saturdays for grades 1 to 4 as a reinforcement programme.

To pool and portray the talents of children with different aptitudes, we conduct certain school festivals, annual day and sports day.

Cricket Academy is operational in the school campus for the aspiring cricket enthusiasts in the evening times and on weekends.