Rules and Regulations

The school begins with an assembly at 8:30 am in the morning. The students must be on time for the assembly.

During the school hours, if a student needs to leave the school premises, he/she must get a written permission from the Principal and the class teacher. No student is allowed to leave the school premises unless accompanied by the parent/guardian.

Normally half-day leave will not be granted to students. Once they come to school, they have to be present for the whole day. They are not allowed to go out of the school campus during school hours. Do not take doctor’s appointment during the school hours.

In the case of serious illness, the Principal must be informed within five days with a doctor’s certificate and a leave application from the parent/guardian.

Those who return to school after absenting themselves without prior permission shall not enter the class without the leave note countersigned by the Principal.

Students suffering from contagious or infectious illness will not be permitted to attend the school. The Principal should be informed before the student attends the class after a complete recovery from the illness.

Unauthorized absence for more than 15 days renders a student liable to be removed from the rolls and the usual admission fee will be charged if he/she is to be readmitted.

Students who come late shall not enter the class without obtaining the signature of the class teacher in the late coming record sheet of the handbook.

Punctuality and regular attendance is required of every student. He/she should abide by the holidays granted by the school and not prolong vacations/holidays without any pressing need. Attendance on the opening day and closing day of every term is compulsory. Each student is expected to put in a minimum of 90% of the attendance.

The student’s name will be called off the rolls and readmission will be required subject to the availability of seats for any unaccounted absence at the beginning or closing of every school term.
Leave application for serious sickness or any other crucial need must reach the office prior to the              opening day.
Attending all the school functions is mandatory.

Students are not allowed to receive visitors. They are not allowed to make or attend phone calls unless the school deems it necessary. Urgent messages, if any, will be given to them.

Any damage caused to the property of the school must be immediately reported to the Principal and will have to be made good.

In order to preserve simplicity and uniformity among students, wearing Bindi, Mehendi, Nail polish and Jewellery is not entertained. A pair of simple earrings should be worn.

Students may not offer presents to their teachers except in those circumstances sanctioned by the Principal.

The students should take good care of their own belongings. The school will not undertake any responsibility for money or articles lost in the school premises. Pupils are solely responsible for their personal belongings.

All the students must carry two small ‘Hand towels’ with their snack and lunch. Water bottles and snacks must be small in quantity enough and easily manageable by the child. Snacks must be dry items or fruits only.

No student shall enter any other class room other than his/her own without permission. They may change their places in the class room only with the permission of the class teacher.

Speaking English is compulsory at the school, in the school premises and in the school bus.

No student will be sent with a relative/stranger unless a responsible person comes to fetch him/her with a note of authorization from his/her parent/guardian.

Every student shall endeavor to keep up the high standard and morale of the school by excelling in studies and good manners.

Lost articles must be claimed from the school office within a week, after which period, unclaimed articles will be disposed off.

All written communication with the school should be addressed to the Principal, Carmel Academy.

Parents and guardians are requested not to enter the classrooms. If a student or teacher needs to be contacted during the school time, this should be done through the office of the Principal.

For serious violation of any of the school regulations, a student may be temporarily suspended according to the discretion of the Principal.

No books other than the Text books or school Library books, Newspapers or Periodicals may be brought to the school without the Principal’s permission.

Mobile phones are not permitted as per the rule of the Government. Students should not carry cell phones.

Guidelines for School Transportation:

Students are generally expected to avail the school transport. Students who are willing to take the bus service, must, as a rule, continue to use the service throughout the year.

The school will not provide alternative transport facilities to students who miss the bus. While waiting for the school bus, students should be alert and show exemplary behavior. Playing at these centers is strictly forbidden.

At the bus stop, students shall get into the bus in an orderly manner. As a safety measure, they should not put their hand or head outside the window. Inside the bus, students should not fight with each other and run around from one seat to another.

Children should be alert and maintain discipline in the bus.

After getting down from the bus, children should wait at the bus stop, till the bus moves. They should be very cautious and see that they cross the road only after the bus has left the stop.

In case of any complaints, parent should report to the office and never approach the crew of the bus directly.

Students who cause any damage to the bus will have to pay the penalty that will be fixed by the Principal based on the report from the crew.

Conveyance fees will have to be paid in two installments (May and November).

The school reserves the right to deny the use of the school transport to any student at any time, to change the route or cancel any particular route, if deemed necessary.

Recommendation to Parents:

The school authorities rely upon the full cooperation of the parents and guardians in all matters concerning the education of their child. Parents are to go through the school diary EVERY EVENING and ensure that the lessons and homework assigned for the next day are done/completed. Remarks made in the dairy by the Principal or the teacher should be acknowledged and signed.

Please encourage your child to be resourceful. Early in life, they should be taught to keep the surrounding clean, to polish their own shoes, make their own bed and take personal pride in their work.

It is not recommended to take your child for family and social functions on school days. Adherence to the school calendar and punctuality for all classes stimulate success in future. If the parents and guardians cooperate with the school authorities in the education of their children, success is assured.

Parents and children are encouraged to care for and serve the economically poor and deprived children. It would be an opportunity for you to help out with the education of these poor children with their fees, text books and stationery.

Children are welcome to contribute cash or kind for the poor students on their birthdays. You can gift a story book to the class library if you wish.

Any form of criticism of a teacher or the school in front of students should be strictly avoided. If done, the student loses the respect for his/her teacher and fails to learn from him/her. If you have a genuine problem or complaint, you may approach the Principal.

Administrative body of Carmel Academy School reserves the right to use sound, video and photographic images of its school children for news releases, promotional brochures and other school related productions.

Amendment of Rules :

The Principal/management has the right to introduce new rules, amend or change these rules and regulations in case of any exigencies and in furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Managing Society and the school as and when the necessity arises.