Skating Classes

“ Sitting in class just dreaming about skating instead of listening ”

Skating is a form of recreational activity as well as a sport, and can also be a form of transportation. Skates generally come in three basic varieties – quad roller skates, inline skates or blades and tri-skates. Skating is the perfect way to combine fitness with fun. It helps people develop a fitness habit with a sport that is enjoyable for all ages.The benefits of skating are as follows:


A fun way to increase muscular strength and cardiorespiratory endurance (burn anywhere from 330 to 600 calories per hour)

Great for improving strength, balance, agility, coordination and flexibility

A fantastic source of aerobic exercise (low impact for joints)

A key to weight control (involves all major muscle groups)

Easy to learn

A great tension reliever and enthusiasm builder

Equivalent to jogging in terms of health benefits, caloric consumption, reduction of body fat and leg strength development

It is a sport in which skaters, singly or in pairs, perform freestyle movements of spins, lifts, jumps and footwork in a graceful manner. It is well known fact that not everybody can perform all these precision and it needs training and guidance.