Kindergarten stream of education/ Early Childhood Education

Nursery (3 Years)
Lower Kindergarten (4 Years)
Upper Kindergarten (5 Years)

Kindergarten system is a preschool method offered for children between 4-6 years to prepare them for the primary school. Friedrich Froebel was the founder of Kindergarten system.

Unique Features of our Kindergarten system:

The classroom is enriched with abundance of books, words, alphabet, numbers and other teaching aids.
Activities are designed to meet the needs of the students in the classroom.
Student’s work is displayed neatly in the classroom. It makes them feel that the classroom is their own.
Individual attention is given here.
Self-directed activities help them to be more disciplined and organized.
To enhance motor coordination, sensorial skills, language and arithmetic, they work in a specially prepared Montessori environment.
Play and learn method makes the environment more comfortable and enjoyable.







Art work

Dance and music

Group activities and discussion

Free play and planned play


Special Facilities at Carmel Academy

Individual attention

Secular atmosphere

Celebration of all festivals

Concentrate on holistic development of the child

Safe and secure campus

Hygienic classrooms and washrooms

Well ventilated and spacious classrooms with prescribed authentic Montessori materials

CCTV coverage round the clock

GPS facility in the bus

Have our own buses with trained drivers

Lady attendants available in all buses

Nature friendly environment

Trained teachers

Age appropriate play area

Play ground

It is a preschool educational approach traditionally based on playing, singing, practical activities such as drawing and social interaction as a part of transition from home to school.

As we felt that certain learning milestones which are very crucial for the later years of learning, and children from this stream should not be deprived of assimilating these concepts and skills while getting groomed for their holistic physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing, we thought of seamlessly incorporating all the concepts recommended by the council and the beneficial tasks and concepts from Montessori methodology.