Feedback of the parents - Carmel Academy, Bangalore

Mrs. Soundharya Sibu


Parent of Vaz Rhea and Daniel

The personal attention given to my children at Carmel Academy has made them confident and independent. Even though they are so young, both our children have always had great remarks and comments about their daily experiences at school. The teachers and management have been very co-operative and everyday we see our children going to their school with great joy and excitement. Thank you Carmel Academy for being the best.

Mr. Shiju Thomas


We feel so fortunate to have discovered Carmel Academy over 6 ears Ago. O7ur elder son is currently in the 6th grade and the younger son in 3rd grade. I has been an incredible experience to watch our sons grow and evolve and ultimately blossom their future. We are grateful to the teachers and staff for their dedication and development. Our elder son began his curriculum as a grade one student in 2012 and the younger one from Montessori. The teaching philosophy at Carmel Academy is at top notch and encourages students to build on their strength as well as their challenges. Children have been exceptionally fortunate to have strong, trusting and mutually respectful relationship with all their teachers who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment in grooming our kids academically and otherwise.

Thank you

Mr. Ajeesh Venugopalan


Parent of Lakshmi Ajeesh (2B)

“As a child; I cried, acted crankly and figured out lame excuses to avoid going to school” Right from Montessori-1, my daughter has been with Carmel Academy. I see her jump out of her bed even on a holiday if I ask her to go to school. That itself stands an excellent testimony to Carmel Academy and the extra ordinary support extended by their staff. When young parents approach me, seeking advice on shortlisting a potential school for their child, I request them to observe the school bus driver, driving around in town. Carmel is a role model and I would wish to see them grow and raise their benchmark in developing character in each child.

Mrs. Bharati Bhoi


Parent of Akshit Bhoi (3A)

I am Bharati Bhoi. My son akshit Bhoi is in grade 3A. He started school at Carmel Academy in 2014 when we shifted to Bangalore. That time Akshit was 5.8 yrs old. We started looking for a new school with certain things in our mind like quality, accessiblitlity , security, fee structure etc. we did little research on schools near our locality and finally decided to take admission in Carmel Academy.

Now it is more than three years since we are connected to Carmel Academy. Every year I discover something new here. The school is growing nicely from pre-primary to primary and still counting on. There are a few things I really like to appreciate are-
  • Very attentive principal through out the school hours.
  • Securitywise no compromise during picking up our kids.
  • Study tour, picnic etc., with no extra charge.
  • No expensive and overloaded project work.
  • Good choices of extracurricular activities.
  • And last but not the least, a very well organized Annual day. I just loved the costume ( no extra charge for that), the theme, the visual effect and superb performance by the students of Carmel Academy.
All the best Carmel Academy for your further growth. Hope you maintain and improve your all over quality year by year for a better future

Thank you.

Mr.Kunal Kashyap and
Mrs. Bidisha Baruah


Parents of Ishika Baruah ( 3A)

I greatly appreciate the academic care taken by the school, even though we could teach our daughter a day before her exams, school prepares her with their teaching methodology perfectly well for the exams , so that she gets ‘A+’ in most of her exams with a few ‘A’ grades.

Not only academic excellence is given importance in Carmel Academy, but also gives equal importance to extra- curricular activities. It has reflected in most of the functions organized by Carmel. ‘A healthy mind in healthy body’ approach is evident in how they nurture Carmelites.

I enrolled my daughter to the school five years ago when it was in its nascent stage. However, after meeting Fr. Shaji, I was very convinced, as he already had a very comprehensive plan for a decade. Now it is mid-way and I can see wonderful execution of those plans. Looking forward to the remaining plan of having 11th and 12th grades, indoor sports facilities like swimming, Badminton etc. Kudos to the management !!.

Parents of Medhini V Bhat (1A)


Parents of Medhini V Bhat (1A)

Carmel Academy is a wonderful, loving and creative place for ids as per its mission and vision. We have been impressed with how the school truly does all the things it claims on the website: art, singing, time spent outdoor, daily activities. The atmosphere of the school is also conducive to positive socializing. We can honestly say that the administration and teachers are wonderful !! they really care about the students succeeding, not only in academics but in their personality development too !

Mr. Sunil Varghese

1 Review

Parent of Grace ( 4B Grade )

Carmel Academy is a very good school for education.

My daughter has been studying in the school for the past five years. Teachers are very helpful and cooperative, giving equal attention to each and every child. Also there is equal balance of academic and co-curricular activities.

My daughter looks forward to going to the school every day and enjoying !!

Mrs. Suma Pramod


Parent of Gayathri P Menon and Nandana P Menon

My elder daughter has been a student of this school since it was founded in 2012 and my younger daughter since 2015.Both my daughters have blossomed from shy quiet kids into energetic, bright and friendly children. This has been due to the guidance, affection and love they have received from the teachers, the Vice-principal, the Principal as well as the non-teaching staff. They love doing their homework, assignments and projects due to the fun methods of teaching adopted here, and are able to give their 100% in both academics, as well as co-curricular activities. They have learnt to become caring and also respect others. We are very happy with the school and will continue our support.

Mrs. Manju Saji


Parent of Benett Tom Saji (2B)

My son is studying in Carmel Academy where the staff and teachers are very helpful. The style of teaching is very good. He has learnt so many things from the school like language skill and leadership quality. So we selected this school for my second child also. They are very interested to go to school everyday. We recommend this school to the children of our friends and neighbours.

Parent- Mrs. Nancy Varghese


Parent- Mrs. Nancy Varghese

Carmel Academy is a wonderful school with just the right mix of extra curricular activities and studies. I always wanted my kids to be part of a school which provided an environment of holistic and well rounded scholastic experience and in Carmel, I am happy its exactly as I wished for my kids. The kids are given opportunities to test their talents and attempt to learn what works best for them. Teachers are friendly and very interested in the childen’s development and student life. They are ever willing to go the extra mile to encourage and teach the child. With education being a very lucrative business, Carmel Academy is one of the few schools focused on education in the truest sense. My children have grown in leaps and bounds under the tutelage of the able staff.