Principal's Message


Education plays multi-faceted roles in the life of every person, and at present the form and method of education varies from home education to online education. Whatever be the form, unless it helps a human being to better himself/herself and come out as more humane, compassionate, loving, confident, and true to the self, everything is in vain. Carmel Academy is dedicated and determined to form our young Carmelites as strong and proud citizens of the world with energy, hope, and will power to conquer the minds and hearts of the people in the society with tried and trusted value-based education policy of Carmelites in the world. We welcome our parents and well-wishers to join us to achieve this goal and make our school a great and beautiful place to learn and lead and find meaning and happiness in life. Let us be united in mind and spirit, especially in a time which is still in the clutches of pandemic, with mutual support and prayer.