Principal's Message


Our school, Carmel Academy, strives to educate the youth of the new and happening generation of the ever changing world to make a mark as sensible, productive and responsible citizens. The school offers a curriculum covering Kindergarten to Grade Ten. As prescribed by the council, the curriculum focuses on building the acquisition of knowledge, understanding life’s challenges and useful life skills with apt critical thinking and problem solving abilities. It not only emphasizes the mental stamina, but emboldens the physical stamina as well.

Our curricular framework offers a range of opportunities allowing students to achieve excellence in academic, cultural and social endeavors. The school values healthy and positive relationship among students and the community, and encourages collaborative learning with the available resources.

It gives me the gratifying feeling when the students of your school can grow nostalgic of their learning years and pay gratitude to the school which would have molded and groomed them to become reliable and accomplished human beings in the coming years.